No Stress Cycle: Well Being Under Pressure

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8:45 - 12:00
4 900 Kč / pololetí
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4 900 Kč /ks bez DPH 4 050 Kč /ks

Nový kurz v Lexiku je pro všechny, kdo chtějí zdokonalit své schopnosti odolávat stresu. Kurz bude vedený v angličtině, lektorka  Fosca Di Gabriele hovoří i česky.

Practices and personal resources to strengthen ourselves in in the here and now

This is a workshop designed for English speakers in order to create a group aiming to adopt new behaviours and face challenges with a new awareness. Czech speakers will get the opportunity to improve their English vocabulary.

We will work with coaching and facilitating techniques bringing us to see issues from different point of views and be done with procrastinating changes.

Fosca Di Gabriele is an experienced life coach that is speaking English and Czech.

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